Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free dining for your Maine Vacation!

Healthy and Holistic eating options in Maine

Vegetable lasagna with herbed polenta, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, a macadamia pine nut ricotta, mint pesto, tomato and chive oil on a bed of tomato sauce. Served with broccoli rabe and cannellini beans.

In addition to our expansive menu, we now offer a vegetarian or vegan option at each meal as part of our Wellness Menu.

Vegan and Vegetarian dining options for vacations in Maine.

Cucumber gazpacho served with a watermelon and pea shoot salad. On the side is a fried zucchini blossom stuffed with wild mushrooms.

Locally grown vegetables, fresh fruits and delicious cuisines such as Vegetarian Lasagna, Stuffed Peppers and several rice and bean dishes are cooked daily to satisfy any palette.

Vegan and gluten-free dining options for Maine Vacations

Three berry tart with a gluten free almond oat crust served with peach sorbet.

Healthy Eating does not mean a sacrifice in quality. At Leen’s Lodge you can eat well and still have a wonderful dining experience.

We’re proud to say that any experience at Leen’s Lodge is positive for the mind, body and spirit.

For specific dining requests please contact us!

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