Grand Lake Stream = The Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing In All Of Maine

Downeast is Maine’s most popular destination for Smallmouth Bass Fishing.

Maine Smallmouth Bass Fishing Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Leen's Lodge
The Grand Lake Stream area's cool waters and rocky glacial lakes make an ideal habitat for these aggressive game fish.

With the abundance of rocky shoals and boulder-lined shores, West Grand is a classic Maine smallmouth bass fishing lake. While smallmouth bass can be fished most anywhere on the lake, the best habitat and the most productive fishing in the state of Maine can be found on the northeast end of the lake and the three adjoining lakes, Pocumcus, Junior, and Scraggly Lakes.

Family Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Grand Lake Stream Maine Maine Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Leen's Lodge
This end and the three lakes contain large areas of grass that will hold baitfish shallow throughout the summer months. On the main body of West Grand, landlocked salmon and lake trout fishing anglers report catching large smallmouth bass during the summer months. These larger bass in the main body of the lake key in on smelts as a food source which go to deeper, colder water in the summer months.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Leen's Lodge Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Registered Guides in Maine
Good guides routinely average 8-10 fish per hour during the peak period of June for their clients. The average size fish at this time will run around 1.5 to 2 pounds. Later during the summer months, 4-6 bass per hour is considered normal but the average size increases to the 2-pound mark.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques

Pound-for-pound, Smallmouth Bass are known as one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish in the world. The angling techniques used range from top-water bugs with a fly-rod to deep water jigging with braided lines. Technique used is typically determined by water temperature, structure, and depth.

Early in the season when the waters are still cool, most Smallmouth Bass will be found deeper in the water column and can be landed with deeper water jigs and lures.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques at Leen's Lodge Maine Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques
The most excited time for bass fishing is during the middle summer months when the Smallmouth bass are laying on their beds in the warm shallow waters near the shoreline. During this time is when the dramatic top water techniques are preferred.

No matter what time of year, you are only a short distance from one of the many local lakes, ponds, and streams that offer the type of fishing to tickle your fancy.


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