Maine’s Proud To Offer The Best Registered Guides In The U.S.

At Leen’s Lodge we employ only the best registered Maine guides that the area has to offer. Our guides strictly adhere to the rigorous ethical and professional standards our customers have come to expect from one of the oldest and most revered guides associations throughout Maine and the entire country.

Registered Guides Maine

The Grand Lake Stream Guides Association is one of the first established in the state of Maine and still practices the traditional cooking, fishing, and customer service practices it was founded on in 1897. Their registered Maine guides use wooden Grand Lake Stream canoes, cook shore lunches for their guests, and weave wonderful tales about the Maine wilderness. This is as close to a Gentleman’s fishing experience as it was in the good old days.

Maine Cooking | Maine Guides

In addition to the traditional Grand Lake Stream canoes, our guides offer fishing trips for Smallmouth Bass from fully equipped or aluminum bass boats, which includes all gear and tackle. For those looking for Landlocked Salmon fishing and lake trout fishing we also have those trips available from fully rigged aluminum boats that can accommodate two or more guests on every adventure.

Please remember that although Registered Maine Guides are not required for you to hunt or fish in Maine, we highly recommend one so that you might get the most out of your time in lovely wilderness of Grand Lake Stream.