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Grand Lake Stream offers the BEST in Maine Fly Fishing

If you are searching for the best Landlocked Salmon Fly Fishing experience in the world, then look no further than Grand Lake Stream in Maine!

Grand Lake Stream stands alone as the world’s most famous original Landlocked Salmon fishing destination. For over 100 years Grand Lake Stream has been carefully managed to be a perfect haven for your next Fly Fishing trip.

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This year round fishery is complimented by one of Maine’s oldest hatcheries which works hand-in-hand with the Grand Lake Stream guides and dam engineers to ensure the healthiest habitat for the prized Landlocked Salmon.

You’ll find no shortage of world famous pools to choose from such as the Dam Pool, Hatchery Pool, and even pools named after famous regulars such as Baseball Legend Ted “The Splendid Splinter” Williams and Sportscaster Curt Gowdy!

Whether you’re an amateur or a world class fly fishing master, Grand Lake Stream offers everything from dry fly summer hatches to delicate nymphing early and late in the season. Amazing 20+ fish days are not uncommon in Grand Lake Stream along with the occasional true Atlantic Salmon patrolling the waters of Grand Lake Stream.

In case you are wondering what a trophy Landlocked Salmon looks like, you can always find a few mounted around dining lodge!

A hunting trip to Leen’s Lodge remains one of the best and more affordable upland bird hunts in America today.

To learn more about the incredible Bird Hunting available at Leen’s Lodge:


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