Landlocked Salmon Fishing in Maine

In the “Maine Hunting and Fishing Trip Planner-2003” the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife stated “West Grand Lake, another original home of landlocked salmon, may rightly be said to offer the best salmon fishing in the world.”

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We think they are correct.

Originally Landlocked Salmon were cut off from the sea by a glacial event and learned to substitute a lake for salt water. The range of the landlocked salmon has been reduced by the destruction of their original habitat, but Maine. This is a result of preserving the wilderness habitat that these fish need.

West Grand Lake, Maine has the habitat that the landlocked salmon need to flourish. Fifteen thousand acres of deep, crystal clear water with excellent oxygen levels provide the landlocked salmon with the necessary ingredients to sustain their populations. In fact, the fish of West Grand Lake are used as supply stock for the rest of the State of Maine.

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The size for our landlocked salmon range from 14 inches to 26 inches. An 18-inch fish is one to be proud of, as he will put up a fantastic fight on light tackle. The fish caught on both Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake will amaze the fisherman with their aerial acrobatics.

Salmon Fishing Techniques

Landlocked Salmon Fishing in West Grand Lake is best in May and June. From ice out (the first of May) to the middle of June, the landlocked salmon are on the surface and offer some of the finest in sport fishing in West Grand Lake.

Top Water Trolling: Early in the season when the open water is at it’s coldest, Landlocked Salmon can be found on the top of the water column. During this time the preferred technique is trolling top water flies, lures, and even live bait attracting the aggressive feeding salmon.

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